The groundbreaking new wifi technology – MegaMIMO 2.0 (évolution majeure de la techno WIFI)

Thanks to a new wifi technology – MegaMIMO 2.0, a team at the Computer Science and the Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) managed to triple Wi-Fi speeds and double signal range at high-density venues.

Researchers at MIT have solved the issue of network congestions and spectrum crunch. Avoiding these two is now possible thanks to the upgraded Multiple-input-multiple-output technology system called MegaMIMO 2.0.This ground-breaking achievement is especially convenient at high-capacity locations like college campuses, concert halls, arenas, etc. as it is able to triple wifi speeds and double signal range in the crowded venues.

Ezzeldin Hamed, lead author on a paper on the topic, states that spectrum crunch can’t be solved by using multiple transmitters as they will interfere with one another. However, this problem can be avoided by having all APs working simultaneously in order to use the available spectrum efficiently.

During the tests of this new MIMO technology, it was revealed that the system could increase a devices’ data transfer speed by 330 percent with four laptops connected to the same Wi-Fi network. In addition to this, this system can be applied to cellular networks as well and solve congestion issues for mobile users.

According to Hamed, Wireless networks will soon be managed by MegaMIMO 2.0 technology as it will enter commercialisation shortly.

For more information on this technology see the video below:

Image de prévisualisation YouTube




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