The 5 countries with the best public Wi-Fi in 2016


Offering public Wi-Fi in its city is becoming an indispensable service. We already talked about Smart Cities like Singapore, Barcelona, and the latest Chicago and Miami. On this blog posts, find the 5 countries that had the best public Wi-Fi in 2016.


1) Lithuania

Lithuania has made a big effort into the Wi-Fi industry and is now holding the first place of the best public Wi-Fi in the world in 2016. The average of the download speed in Lithuania is around 16.6Mpbs, which is nearly the double that the one registered in the US. Free Wi-Fi is available in the major shopping malls, libraries, restaurants, and hotels, clearly an advantage for this little country to attract tourists and surf on the Wi-Fi social trend.


2) Singapore

In a previous article, we mentioned Singapore and the fact that it was considered as the smartest nation in the world. The government deployed a public Wi-Fi composed by thousands of hotspots offering free Wi-Fi. In Singapore, you can find free Wi-Fi even on buses! By 2020, all train stations will have an access to free Wi-Fi as well.


3) Switzerland

Switzerland developed a Wi-Fi public network allowing its inhabitants and tourists to access the internet in public areas like museums, parks, malls… And Switzerland might be one of the only countries in the world to offer free Wi-Fi on chairlifts for its skiers!


4) Denmark

A program has been developed in Copenhagen with Cisco to deployed a free Wi-Fi network around cities. The idea was to install thousands of smart lamps across the country to first, increase the brightness of the bicyclists, and second, to be used at Wi-Fi hotspot.


5) United Kingdom

The UK government is willing to improve its connectivity infrastructures, especially in London, where partner companies such as BT, installed tons of devices to bring better connectivity to the area. Hotspots in London have a speed of 1Gpbs on average; a very high number, considered that it is 100 times as fast as the download speed average across all UK.


Not in the top 5 but to mention: Japan

Japan developed an application for tourists, the Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi app. With more than 92.000 hotspots registered all around the country, the tourists are quite sure to find free Wi-Fi in stations, subways, airports, malls, and public spaces, allowing them to share their trips highlights on social media. The app is really easy to use and automatically connects to the closest hotspot.


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